Do you like gay historical fiction?  Do you love the idea of men loving men in times when wearing lace and brocade wasn’t just for ballroom dancers and that men walking arm in arm together wasn’t at all unusual?  Do you want to read about English men who are almost too repressed to tell each other how they feel and have to do it very privately anyway?

Well you are in the right place!

Explore the site – although PLEASE NOTE: Due to several of my titles having reached the end of their contracts or the publishers have closed down, only STANDISH,
MERE MORTALS, I KNEW HIM are available with Lethe Press and MUFFLED DRUM and A BRUSH WITH DARKNESS are available from Carina.

Junction X, Transgressions, Frost Fair and Hard and Fast are currently out of print, but should be available as soon as I relocate them. You can still find copies of all of them on Amazon, of course but I won’t receive any royalties!

I’m the creator of Speak Its Name – the only place on the net for reviews, resources and discussion of gay historical fiction.

My latest published book is  JUNCTION X published by CHEYENNE BOOKS. Based on a tragic true story, it is the tale of Edward, a closeted, married, middle-aged stockbroker who, in 1960’s England, falls passionately in love for the first time, with the 17 year old son of his next-door-neighbour.