got some inspiration for the    thingy – it’ll be short, but it’ll be angsty.  Not really much liking Real Life Slash.  Its better with books, and this particular character burned all of his papers, so there’s not much to go on .  No its not Byron.  I wish I’d met him – he’d have been fascinating, although I wouldn’t have understood a dickybird what he was on about.  Don’t panic   – its got to be in by tomorrow (well they’ve extended the deadline which is tempting to a serial procrastinator but NO!! Its my younger fannish brother who does the procrastinating. 


Erastes is not only the god of Homoerotica Literature (guffaws) but also the god of Deadlines. 


*images the god of deadlines in a Discworld sort of way.*  small, plump, with an ulcer, pen permenantly behind one ear.  Frazzled face.  Inky fingers.  Big BIG calendar on desk.  Post it notes all over his computer.  Papers everywhere.


Oh shit.  It is me.  (apart from the receding hairline)


The god of homoerotica however will look like THIS (only forget it as the link doesnt work) bugger..



I like having a non fandom journal.  I can wibble in here.


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