god i’m bored

headache, and indigestion for the first time in my life. all the overhead neon tubes ON, and all the blinds closed.

its “Housekeeping” day, which means we have to spend half a day chasing bills, tidying files etc etc, and they are doing end of month on the server so we can’t do anything.

Is it me?

Glad to see Mistri has joined up for April Fools, although she wont be able to read this, as i havent told her about erastes.. d’oh

erastes has eight friends. it’s so sweet. He’s even joined two groups, the mad impetuous fool. *worries that she is talking about erastes in the 3rd person and as a man* he’s even got his own description up. Will be quite funny if people friend him and not know who I am.

argh. that way lies madness. If you are about eumenides – give us a wave. *looks sorrowfully at empty reeces pieces packet*

any slash to be had in Canterville Ghost? I fancy not…

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