it’s here then.

and i have broke my own rules already – co -wrote two HP Poems with on my LJ we’ll have to split the 300 word count.

Dubaiyan has just asked me what my daily target is and it works out at 666.666666666(recuring)

this worries me.

Dubaiyan said – “a sinful total for a sinful title” true… 666 seems a lot on a daily basis. espcially as i have NO IDEA where the plot is going and how I’m going to link what’s happening now with what happens to Jonathan when he meets Michael. oh well. let the fingers worry about that.

its 1245 and i’m shattered. off to bed and try not to think of David, with the fall of long silver hair to his buttocks and skin like Summer honey.

but first, just to annoy people i will update my word count on April Fools. heh heh.

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