“Standish” Contract signed and posted!

The solicitor has been working away and he’s amended the contract to shorten the time allowed by them for publishing.  So we are all happy, and the contract has been signed by me and posted off.

Eeep. It’s only just sinking in, I think.  Now I’m thinking cover art…  Unfortunately I don’t think much of the covers shown on the PD Publishing webpages, I know exactly the cover I’d like, but I don’t know how much say the mere author has in it.  It needs to have the house (inspired by Witley Court) in the middle, because when it comes down to it, the house is what it’s all about.  And Rafe, standing up, brooding and dark on one side, probably scowling, with his arms crossed, and Ambrose on the other side, sitting on a log or something, sun in his hair, doing something typically Ambrosey, like reading(!)  God, I’d so love an illustrated version…. *melt*  *g*  The thing that concerns me is that the contract says “the work tentatively named Standish.  They’d better not want to change the name….. *growls*

Anyway, the next step of this long drawn out process is for them to sign it, and send a copy back to me.  After that they have 9-18 months to get it into print, and that means work for me!  Editing.  Oh those commas!!

Will keep you posted! 

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