Rolling along…

Have heard from the artist re the book cover – he’s based in California, so there will be time lapse issues, but I’m confident we can work something out. I’ve sent him the link of the house that inspired the book (Witley Court – still for sale I think – only a million, perhaps I should have a whip round? Trouble is, it might “only” cost a million to buy, but it’s a shell, so it would cost millions to restore. sob.

Anyway, it’s quite exciting. The artist is reading the book now, to get a flavour of what Ambrose and Rafe look like – I know that’s going to be a problem, as I have definite ideas of what they look like, and I can’t point to any film star to say “like that” – perhaps I should cruise some male models sites.

all in the name of research of course. *cough cough* I am biting my nails as he reads it, as Regency Gay Romance isn’t to everyone’s taste!

In “Transgressions” news, things are definitely looking up – for me, if not for my characters. I’m over 1000 words into chapter 24. It’s slow but it’s moving. Actually, I’m finding the actual writing down of it a chore now – I know what’s going to happen.

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