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probably not going to squee too much about Standish on my other LJ, as people are probably sick of it. So the 40 or so of you will have to put up with it.

Had an email from the artist today and I’m over the moon by his reaction to the book. I have been feeling a bit down about “Transgressions” because frankly, when i write short stories, I don’t write like that any more – considering I started Trans about 2 years ago, that’s not surprising. And I’ve been feeling that writing in a more stolid style was plodding, but he said:

I’m really impressed with “Standish”. You descriptions & characterizations are wonderful. I can see it all playing out before me as I read it. I’m very intrigued by Rafe. He has my emotions going all over the place. He is such a
multi-faceted personality. A wounded soul hiding in his darkness, only coming out of the shadows willingly for those he loves but never really in to full light. As much as he portrays the image of the uncaring emotionless dark rogue to the world his life is still ruled by his emotions. Anger, lust love, fear, pain, etc. Anyway, that’s my take on him so far. Didn’t mean to get carried away there. I’ll reserve my comments Ambrose (if you even care to hear them), I feel he is still evolving & changing as he learns what his life is to be & how he will live it.

I’m really happy about that, as Rafe is my favourite character, whereas Fleury (the little tinker) is everyone else’s. *shakes fist at the character who was supposed to come in for two chapters and DIE – and who took over the entire second half of the book. It’s also heartening to see that I’ve managed to make Ambrose evolve – I know that and and told me that over and over, but it’s still very nice to have it from a stranger – it gives me heart that the book will be well liked.

He goes on to say – So far, I think your idea the cover is right on… (and he gives his reasons as to why – which is exactly the reasons I proposed. I know that it’s MY book, but it’s still really nice to know that others can see where I’m coming from.

He finishes with

But first, I need to finish reading. To that end I will say goodbye for now & grab my ebook.

I am a very bad to have first thought that he said, “But first, I need to finish reading. To that end I will say goodbye for now and grab my cock”

Do you think I should ask him if he got turned on? *is curious*

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