Writer’s Groups

I think I’m going to try and be brave and join a writer’s group. This is fairly Big News for me, and knee-tremblingly scary as I AM Ms Recluse and if I had a cave I’d live in it. (And tell acolytes to sod off and stop bothering me)

So I found a couple. Norwich Writer’s Circle and Cafe Writer’s Both of which look worthy, and very scary.

My trouble is that I’m pretty shy, to start with, I’m a “you’ll always find me in the kitchen at parties” sort of person. (mainly coz that where the vodka is) and I never seem to “fit in” with any sort of organised organisations. I joined a competition club a few years ago and felt awkward, joined a re-enactment society a year or so before that and didn’t feel I fitted in – can’t manage to enjoy myself at staff parties, well you know the drill. Or unless you are the life and soul – then no, you wouldn’t.

What worries me about joining is that they are very very unlikely to have anyone writing my kind of fiction, and whilst I am not AT ALL ashamed of it, I always find it rather blushing to have someone ask me, “Oh, you write novels? How wonderful? What sort?”

On the flip side of that, I suppose is that by joining I’ll be spreading the homoerotic love, but really, I’m sure people will be more horrified than interested. That being said, my mother who is, as you know, my greatest advocate, tells all her friends and relations about Standish and they have all said, from 30-to 80, “how lovely, I must buy a copy” and when I question her and say “You DID tell them what it was about, didn’t you?” she says, “Yes, I have weird friends.”

So tell me – have you ever joined one?  How did it go?

Oh – and BTW – I’m host today on if you are interested in popping along and saying hello, or asking a question.

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