Two online mailing groups that are really useful.

a slow group, and you won’t have to keep clearing out your inbox (I joined Harry Potter for Grownups once and had to unsubscribe after a DAY as I couldn’t cope with the influx) but if you have a historical research question there is always someone who can chip in and tell you whether a man could recover from a punctured lung in 1820 or whether you could hear a bullet “whiz” past your head, or what were the major pirate bases in the Caribbean in the 1700s. Full of marvellous geeks! A wonderful group!

Erotica Reader & Writers

Advice, chat, discussion, critique for people who write erotica, het, femme, slash, trans whatever. Join from the website at this link

Travelrotica is up on amazon but it doesn’t have a picture yet. “My Best Customer” by me!! resides within.

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