A sale!

I sold the prison sex story! Got the email last night. That’s my first sale to STARbooks, which I’m pretty chuffed about, to be honest. I have no details other than that, as the email is at home and I was pretty drunk when I got it. And then when I got it it was an excuse to have a drink! yay!

There’s a story behind it too, which taught me several lessons…

I struggled with it, as 1. I’m not American (and I think that American prisoners are sexier than English one’s *points to “Oz” and “Prison Breakout”* then compares it with “Porridge” (falls off chair with the giggles) but I got it half written. I’d got the details from the duotrope website (great little site for submission calls) but decided I’d better check out the details on the STARbooks site… (well, duh) When I got over there, I saw that 1. They only wanted five paragraphs as a sample and 2. the submssion had been CLOSED due to “overwhelming response”.

I sat and glared at the screen for about five minutes in annoyance. I’d written a lot more than 5 paragraphs but I hadn’t finished the damned thing. They just wouldn’t bloody shag.

So I sent five paragraphs anyway. Five minutes later I got an email “Can I see the rest of the story?” So then they HAD to shag.

So in future, I’m not ever taking any notice of “no more submissions please”!

I really DON’T want to be at work today!

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