notes to self.

So… what I need to do (not yet, coz it’s The Shiny and I’ll let it distract me) when I get to the re-write of Transgressions is to lessen the Mills and Boony beginning, check Jonathan’s speech throughout, cos he speaks in Thee’s and Thou’s and OMG WHAT A STUPID IDEA THAT WAS. *kicks self hard* not recommended, I can assure you.

I also need to characterise Matthew Hopkins and John Stearne more, I havent made it clear that Stearne was married and older than Matthew, but that Matthew was more like Holmes to Stearne’s plodding Watson.

What I find amusing is that my boys have been seperated for about half the book, so I’ve had to run with two stories.

(how George RR Martin copes with books from about 10 points of view and keeping them all in line timeline wise, I really don’t know)

But without any outlining my two stories are both coming to their *cough* climax! Go me!

With regard to historical characters in books – does anyone know what one is allowed or not allowed to do? I mean Hopkins and Stearne are both real people and have been described in various books and films over the years so is that the precedent? I wouldnt imagine that they have any descendants who would be upset at my depiction of them, but you never know. anyone have any insights? Has anyone included real people in their books? What about people like Georgette Heyer? Are there any hoops that need to be jumped through?

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