Productive weekend!

In spite of major loafing and scoffing of chocolate and much squeeing over doctor who. (I mean David Tennant getting wet and then camping it up… pwhoar…)

So this weekend I have:

– Written an original PWP and submitted it to two (naughty naughty, I know…) markets.
– Taken a HUGE chance and re-hashed “Breathe” for the original market and submitted. (There is no way in hell it will be accepted as it’s far too weird, but .. squee..what if it is accepted???)
– Written a Lucius Malfoy sonnet for the Sorting Hat Drabblethon
– Written a spork for on Chapter 7 “The Slug Club”
– Started a fairy tale retelling based on the Red Shoes.
– Written 1000 words of Transgressions

I’m stunned. Normally I just have good intentions. Just shows what I can achieve when I’m not chatting all the time! (Although have managed that too, a bit.) Is this “balance”?

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