Ten things I know about writing meme

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1. Nothing. Or next to nothing. I can string words into a sentence but that don’t make me a writer. You learn something every day, and you should seek to learn something every day. It’s like riding. You can learn to sit on a horse and not fall off and you can call yourself a rider but real riders, even those in their 80’s still have lessons, still train and practice a simple collected walk or try for a perfect circle.

2. There’s no such thing as too much editing. Every time I re-read something I’ve written I’ll amend it.

3. If you have people read/critique your work, try and find people who aren’t afraid to say “this bit sucks” or you’ll never achieve 2.

4. Listen to advice, and know when not to take it. (and when to, obviously!)

5. Unlike life, learn from your mistakes!

6. Break rules, merge genres, mixit up, push your boundaries.

7. Believe in yourself. Self confidence is a more valuable tool than people realise.

8. The original writing world isn’t any less wanky than fandom.

9. Read read read read read read read. Then read some more. Read the classics and the genre in which you are writing in, if any!

10. Write for yourself not comments. That way you’ll never be dissapointed! That being said, nuffin’ wrong with writing for money. In this trade giving it away for free is the prostitution!!

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