I just entered a flash fiction contest, so cross your fingers! I donøt hear until August, and I donøt spose it will do anything, but… still!! I need to do more of these, after all, drabbles are relatively easy. OMG what the hell has happened to my apostrophes…….øøøøøø wtf!!

I’d like to say a big thank you! to who, completely unbidden sent me a lovely email full of fascinating facts and resources for 17th Century marriage. Really lovely of you!

Finally got organised (about time after 2 years of writing) and printed off 3 months of a calendar to put on the wall, it has deadlines marked on it. I do not know why, but my Outlook Express does not have a calendar and I have only just really noticed. Why is this. Grrrr. I am speaking formally as my apostrophes are dead! reboots…

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