Hello, world. *peers blearily*

Well, I just finished my first ever sci-fi story and I’m quite bouncy about it. It’s for Greg Herren’s sci-fi anthology “Distant Horizons” (or more accurately for SUBMISSION to Distant Horizons…). But as flipping usual, I prove to myself that I’m not a natural short story writer, I just get too involved. Now I want to know how my boys ended up owning their own space ship, where they met etc etc. And what happens next….

What interests me is that told me that sci-fi is actually more accepting of gay characters than main stream. *blinks* I did not know this. I don’t think I have the talent/maths/science to be able to write sci-fi as a main genre – but it’s good to know that if I don’t get accepted to Distant Horizons then I might be able to find other homo-friendly sci-fi markets around.

Standish News: I heard from the publishers, and the second edit is ready to begin! squeee! I do hope it’s a little less painful than the first one…

Does anyone know if there’s a Historical Writers’ Association? I can’t find one and it’s very annoying!

Da Vinci Code: I hear that they laughed at Cannes when the characters said “QUICK! We must find a library!”

So would I!

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