Further steps in world domination

Standish: I’ve heard from the second editor and she should have the revisions to me this week. I’m very pleased about that, can’t really believe that it’s happening, even now. I suppose I won’t believe it for sure until I’m holding the book in my hand. God though, doesn’t it take ages? I suppose most authors just have to put the old book to bed and get on with the next one.

I’ve also created a wikipedia page for Erastes and joined the Historical Novel Society!

I’ve also done a good few submissions in the last week or so, as well as my sci-fi piece to Distant Horizons, I made the deadline for “Outlook Arizona” with a very angsty 7k word story, and have submitted to bookpuppy.com and The Angry Poet.

Busy Erastes!

Next deadline is “Best Date Ever” which could be difficult as most of my dates have been unmitigating disasters. I spose any date with a shag could be called “Best”

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