Marketing etc

I’ve been spending a bit of time on self-promotion recently. I’m not the most marketing minded of souls (I had no clue about sending review copies off until I realised it was the thing to do) but I’ve gradually been pushing little ideas of promotion out there – and it seems to be paying off. I’ve noticed that from my Webstats on that I’m getting referrals from erotica author’s association, the Historical Novel Society (although I hope they aren’t too horrified when they get over here), and even wikpedia too!

I’d also like to point this site out, for you slash lovers. A group of us m/m writers have banded together and now have (thanks to Laura Baumbach’s enthusiasm and organisation) a joint site to advertise m/m erotica, and we will be having a full size advert on  very shortly, which, we are all hoping, will spread the word that there are a lot more lovers of gay erotica than people realise.  Go check out the other authors!

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