bounce bounce bounce bounce

Been sitting here BURSTING with this news all morning, but couldn’t post it until AKA posted it herself.

Her book is on Amazon!! No cover art yet, but I’m as squeeful as if it were my own!

*bounce bounce bounce * Go over to and SQUEE at her. Better still ORDER THE BOOK. You won’t regret it – It’s wonderful. Post apocalyptic with a beautiful homoerotic theme running through it. *smooshes her* I knew her before she was famus!!!

I really need more icons. All the ones I’ve got are too Po-faced. *imports an over excited Fizzgig*

Oh and I need a mood theme. Any suggestions?

And in the spirit of OMG gets grumpy in the heat – I’d just like to say, a pox on all agents. I’ve sent queries out and it’s like peeing in space. It just doesn’t go anywhere. I (stupidly, it seems) thought it might be easier if I were actually published now, but it appears not. *bites thumb at agents* in a vicious manner

And it’s bleeding hot. Hot hot hot. Cooler now I’m home, but it was 94 degrees in the office.

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