Is it me? I mean, is it???

Is it me?

No, it bloody isn’t.

Ever since I, as created I had requests from people to join.

DESPITE the fact that the user info clearly said that it was a closed community and you couldn’t join, you had to be invited. In the main, since I was a good and kind mod, I would go and look at their fics (if they wrote at all, and most of them didn’t) and see if by chance they were eligible for my snooty elitist comm. Mostly they weren’t but 2 (I think) out of the 80 or so members were invited this way. However it wasn’t a great start for them, because they hadn’t read the RULES. With the others I politely went to their LJ’s and left a nice message saying that perhaps they’d meant to press “friend” instead of join. However even that got galling after 100 requests.

Now, after I’ve rung “Last Orders” on the community, I’m STILL getting requests to join and now I’m mad as hell and I ain’t gonna take it any more.

So here’s a rant to all you numbskulls over the years that I’ve had to turn down, including the three most recent who asked to join this week.

1. Closed community means just that. You can’t join. It says that on the user info.

2. Invitation only means just that. You have to be invited. It said that on the user info, too.

3.In fact, if you’d read the user info – AT ALL – you’d have seen that the community is, in fact, CLOSING on the 31st July 2006 and no-one will either be allowed to join, or be invited to join.

4. This is also handily stated in the post by , which, if you’d bothered to go about four posts down from the last story, you would have seen, but I didn’t think was necessary as the information was… where again? Oh yes, THE USER INFO.

5. I mean how hard is it? You are on the user info page when you apply to join and it SAYS that you can’t. So you do what? Click on join? How sensible are you? If you went into a bunker and saw a button and a sign that said “YOU MUST NOT PRESS THIS BUTTON” what would you do then?

6. So, in conclusion, I’m going to have to refuse your application to join, and if I could be so bothered, I’d ban you from the community as well, as you obviously can’t read, and are wasting your time sitting in front of a PC pressing buttons like some Pavlovian Dog.

7. And no. I’m not nice. I don’t know why anyone ever thought I was. I’m not blaming the heat, I’m blaming the IDIOTS.

No Love.

*Stomps off, growling.*

© Copyright 2006 Erastes, All rights Reserved. Written For: Erastes
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