New community – please pimp and pass on

has been changed from a multi-fandom fiction community to a resource for anyone who writes or draws erotica, of any type. There are a lot of places online for erotica advice and markets, but there doesn’t seem to be anything in one place on LJ, like the Speculative Fiction writers have with (and many others!). This was ‘s idea so yay to her!

I hope you will pimp to anyone who might be interested. Sharing information is a Good Thing – and there are a lot of good paying erotica publishers and contests out there.

The type of thing that we are planning to have :

*Markets – calls for submissions, anthology opportunities, publishers who are seeking erotica.
*Advice – links to articles on writing it, essay posts on specific writing problems, questions from members about writing
*Deadline reminders
*Constructive Criticism – members can post their stories for concrit and advice
*Beta searches
*Sharing of information – response times, new markets, new sales, rejections, links to other erotica sites (We plan to have a big list o’ links)

Posting Guidelines:

Anyone can post. When you post please use TAGS as follows – and put the key words in the subject line too – it makes a Mod’s life easier, for example: MARKET: new call for submission. or CRIT: Story: [title]

MARKET when posting about any publishing opportunity
NEWS when posting about your sale, or rejection
BETA when offering your services or asking for beta help
CRIT when posting a story for concrit. Concrit to be posted on that particular thread, of course
ADVICE when asking questions on anything, or offering advice on anything
LINKS when you post a new link for the reader’s attention


There is only one. No flaming. Any offensive criticism will result in immediate removal from this comm and any others we mod.

Constructive Criticism:
– “The style was erotic, but I felt that the sex was hurried”
– pointing out spelling and grammar inaccuracies politely
– “Enjoyed, but the ending left me confused – could you make it clearer?”


– “OMG two men in bed? You are SICK!”
– “Step away from the thesaurus, you poser!”
– “The funniest thing I ever read, please do the world a favour and never write again”

There are some stories still left on the site. These will deleted after a week.

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