3 things…

They say they always come in threes.

1. Rejection letter from Abyss & Apex, although they do say that “we look forward to reading more of your work” but I bet that’s just their standard wording. *resubmits elsewhere with a stubborn face *

2. Rejection letter from another agent. *keeps trying *

3. My car failed its MOT. argh!! Bad timing as I don’t get paid until tomorrow. (stresses)

I joined a historical fiction writer’s critique group yesterday, it’s very small, only about 30 members, but it works in the same way that SFFW’s does, you have to critique 3 before you can offer up a piece for critique and you must crit 3 a month and you must offer one of your own a month. It will be good discipline and good bread on the waters too. I don’t read half enough of other people’s stuff, and hopefully if I can see the errors in other people’s writing, I will see more of my own.

However, it has to be said, that I nearly DIDN’T get into the group, as the owner was concerned that my writing about homosexuals would upset the existing members. However I wrote an impassioned “has not a homosexual history? If you read us, do we not pop up everywhere – doth not a homosexual deserve to be read?” speech, which went down rather well, and I got in. I’m wasted, really. *G * I shall let you know if the other members pack up their bags and leave as the neighbourhood goes down now the queers have moved in next door.

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