Someone’s laughing all the way the Bank…

I just discovered that one of the most prestigious writing courses was offered at the University of East Anglia, it was founded by Malcolm Bradbury in 1970 apparantly, and competition is fierce. (It’s an MA (Master of Arts) in Creative Writing)

So I thought – well, why not? So I trot over to the UEA website and have a look, and it seems promising – it consists of one workshop a week, (do-able, possibly work would give me an day off) over two Semesters. And I think… Hmmmm. That sounds good.

As usual with most educatory brochures they are incomprehensible so I give the nice lady a ring at UEA and ask her to confirm the course. “Yes, one workshop on a Tuesday”

Me: Oh OK. Can’t see the fee anywhere…

Her: Same fee as all courses at the UEA.

Me: (fainted) …(weak voice) what…. £3,138?

Her: Yes. And it’ll be going up next year, it’ll probably be £4,000.

Me: …….. Oh.. Ok. Thanks….

Well, I’m sorry about that, but world famous and presitigious you might be, MA in Creative Writing, but who the FUCK can afford that? Unless you are a wealthy person who doesn’t work, or a housewife with a nice husband.

Let’s work that out shall we? *calculates*

That’s approximately £25 an HOUR. You could probably get a private tutor for less. You can’t tell me that 24 (number of students) times £4K = *£96,000* is the real cost of a yearly course.

*cries* I really wanted to do it, too.

Hey – I’ve got an idea. I’ll promise to write more Snucius – say two Snuciuses every week, and you send me money? email to

*removes tongue from cheek*

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