Thick Skin my arse

More rejection! I feel like the spotty fat girl at the school dance, or
when teams are being picked. No-one wants my baby werewolf who doesn’t
understand what’s happening and why everyone is Cross.

Miss Snark is running her 3rd Crapathon tomorrow, and I’ve got my query
letter and first pages all ready to go to be dissected by an expert. It’s a
rare chance that she’ll even pick mine to dissect, as she’s “Only”
(Only!!!!) doing the first 100, but I’m going to give it a go.

I don’t think it’s a bad query letter, it certainly doesn’t say any more
than it needs to, and it’s a hell of a lot pared down from the burble I used
to put, but the weakness might be in my synopsis.

Or, or course… my writing!

I’ve done five crits now for the new Crit group. I know I’ll slow down
after a while, but I’d like to get a few chapters of my own up there, and I
have to crit 3 for every one of mine I place. Trouble is, even in chapter 2
there are … swellings, and talk of masturbation, so I’ve had to take it
out with “DELETED TEXT” on it. And I’ve said that if anyone wants the full
versions, to ask.

I haven’t had any critiques for chapter one yet though. *frets impatiently*

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