Woo Hoo! Another Brownie Point for www.writely.com!

You can post to Livejournal on it! Yay! Yes, I know I can do that via email too, but the formatting is impossible to cope with.

Nothing much new with me, RL proving icky, mother has pleurisy, so I have to take her for an x-ray in the morning.

Standish: I heard from the publishers and we are on the downward slope now – the outside editors have now been dispensed with and final decisions will be made by the publisher (in conjunction with me, I hope, don’t want her unilaterally to decide that Ambrose must STRIDE about Scratching Himself and roaring at his sisters – I’m guessing that’s not allowed….?)

Also got to invent the dedication page, acknowledgements, back cover blurb and a Bio (death to all Bios) which is all very exciting. They say “there’s a lot to do, but it will move quickly from now on”

So I still don’t know how long it will be, but I’m hoping publication before Christmas! Yay! Buy a copy for your granny for her stocking, you know it’ll do her good! I have work colleagues who want to buy it. This Worries Me. a LOT. *checks contract* does “Bringing the firm into disrepute” consist of a sacking offence? Hmmm. Yes. it appears it does. eek!

I’m sure there’s more stuff to relate but as my brain feels like porridge right now, I can’t think of a single thing to relate.

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