I was just cruising the boards over at Romantic Times and am happy that now the slashers have infiltated there they are making their presence known and networking nicely. (It’s a little like Osmosis, you can let the slashers in but they find it sooooo hard to leave!)…

Anyway, I was thinking (dangerous, yes…) that although we submit to our favourite publishers time after time after time – we should also be voting with our manuscripts and submitting to the Publishers who “don’t do homoerotic romance.” I’m sure that a lot of publishers “didn’t” at one point (I remember when Ellora’s Cave didn’t) but if people don’t actually submit to them en masse how do they know that the stuff is out there being read, bought, enjoyed?

In England, particularly, there is no market that I know of. I’m forced to sell to the US. Gay Men’s Press has folded, and Virgin Books have ceased doing their gay line. As much as I respect people for liking e-books, I don’t have a lap top, or an i-pod, or whatever gizmo you need to read them. I don’t LIKE to read books on my PC. I like to be in bed, snuzzledup, or in the bath, decadent in bubbles. Or on the beach. Or on the loo. I like paper, damnit!

So here’s what I’m going to do. Every time I finish a novel or novella, I’m going to automatically submit it to Mills and Boon, then Harlequin. Yes. They’ll reject it. Of course they will. They may not even read past the line that says “I enclose “Transgressions,” a homoerotic romance based in England in 1642″

But what about if all of us did it? Could we make a difference? If – and I hope we have – we have persuaded Romantic Times to consider a little gay section, then I think this is the time to strike at the heart of the romance industry, particularly in the UK where we don’t have so much of this omg gay so wrong attitude.

So come on brethren (jumps on soap box) before you submit to whoever you normally submit to, send it to M&B first. They can only say no, and if they start getting perhaps 10 a month…. they might start wondering just how much of it is out there!

/clambers off. Thank yew…

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