Dear Lost.

This is a dear John letter. I’m sorry, but that’s it. I was bored most of the way through Series 2 and I really don’t care what happens to the characters Hurley left behind. Shoot them. Push them in the water. Who cares. Not even Sawyer is enough of a pull. Frankly.

no-one’s going to care, my one rating is not going to make much difference, but I’m sure I’m not the only one. I don’t like being led around by the nose and learning nothing. I don’t like having mystery heaped on top of mystery on top of enigma.

If you are going to make it MORE mysterious… Ooooo – is it all being funded by Jim from Neighbours?

THEN YOU NEED TO ANSWER SOME OF THE OTHER QUESTIONS like the black smoky pully things, the dinosaur noises and the fucking polar bears.

Give us a reason to CARE.

Good bye.

No Love


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