almost (as you can see) speechless

Cripes. This will be a bit ranty as I’ve had a crap day and I’m troughing my way through a wine box.

I’m the third person on my flist to stare in horror at ‘s announcement that they don’t like 1st person, won’t accept any omniescent or head hopping.

*incoherent biting of keyboard*

That’s fine. It’s their publishing house and if I had a publishing house I’d accept what I wanted to, but these “fashions” do drive me insane, and it’s such NONSENSE. If omniescent stuff was not what people wanted they wouldn’t still be buying classics by the bucket load. If first person was not what people wanted they wouldn’t be buying them – and do you need me to write a LIST of incredibly successful first person POV novels starting from the earliest novels? Austen is so popular still they’ve just put her works into Chick Lit covers over here. (which I’m not coping with, to be frank)

Austen Chick Lit
Monday: Still not married. Lydia is a slut and I’m beginning to think that father has psychotic tendancies. We have new neighbours, I wonder if I can nip over and borrow a cup of sugar?

Tuesday: No marriage offers today. Father is definitely schizo as he refused to go and see the neighbours and then did.

Wednesday: Visited neighbours. Don’t fancy Jane’s much.

OMG. Is Cassie claire going to send me a cease and desist order??? *evil giggle*

They also say that if you ARE going to write 1st person between 2 people then you should alternate between chapters and make it clear to the reader (who obviously isn’t intelligent enough to work it out for themselves) and I think that’s a horrible idea. I’d hate to be batted from one 1st person POV to another. I beta-ed the most horrific fic once that did that, and it was the most confusing mess I’d ever read.

I did head hopping in Standish. I’ve done it in Transgressions. I’ve sold to a print market. If you do it subtely enough, then you can do it. I don’t necessarily want to wait to know what the other person’s opinion is for five thousand words. It IS possible to do in the same chapter.

However. There is nothing WORSE than having “Elizabeths POV” or “John’s POV” written at the top of each section, because all that does is make the reader feel fucking stupid.

But all is possible in the best of all possible worlds. All you need to do is do it well.

Listen to me, world. There is no spoon!

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