Friday Night and I’m shattered.

So I’m hoping a nice on LJ will perk me up.

1. I have SIMSfanfic!!! Someone – I won’t name her name until she says I can, has done a SIMS2 family of the people in my latest novel, and I’m all … like bouncy and squeeful about it. What worries me is that the wife might start eyeing up the boy next door when that’s the HUSBAND who should be doing that. still.. squeee!!! Now I want SIMS2 or better still a SIMS3 which can do historical SIMS so I can do Standish. Hey! Marketing opp! Standish – the expansion pack!!!!

2. I had a rejection today from Shadowed Realms, for “Breathe”. And as rejections go it was pretty bloody nice.

Thank you for your recent query and for the pleasure of reading your submission, ‘Breathe’. I enjoyed the story, but after careful consideration, regretfully advise I will not be accepting it for publication.

You have presented an entertaining tale with an intriguing premise and incidences of strong imagery; however, I felt as though there was more to the story I hadn’t quite grasped. The premise offered engaging elements, but overall, I found the plot to be too vague, or perhaps veiled, preventing me from forming any empathy for the characters.

Regardless, I believe the ‘experimental’ style of this piece holds great potential and deserves further exploration, and I would be open to the possibility of future submissions from you. I’m very happy about this – and they are right, because it was fanfic I probably don’t introduce my characters enough.

3. I’ve been dogsitting for D4 this afternoon, as my mum’s pretty ill and can’t cope with him 24/7. By gum that dog is a GENIUS. He’s ten weeks old and he already comes and retrieves and today I thought, to make mum’s life a bit easier I thought I’d teach him to sit. I didn’t hold out much hope, as he’s such a marauder and has the attention span of a gnat but he went and proved me completely wrong. I only had to push his bottom down three times, push – treat push treat push treat and then every time after that he came running in from whereever he’d been and come and sit in front of me!!!

4. I guess a lot of you may have seen this at some point, but I only found it today, it’s an interview with Jason Isaacs and Orlando Bloom pimping “Black Hawk Down” Not only is it hilarious and even has quite a lot of slash in it (and references to naked Jason…) but it cements what a character actor Jason is. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an interview with him before and his normal voice surprised me. Not only that, he’s an excellent mimic, doing impressions of American soldiers and even one of Ridley Scott. Diamond.

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