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Fantastic article by Jeremy Clarkson on The State of the Hamster

No. I don’t read the Sun. I dislike the Sun intensely, but I do quite like Clarkie, and this interview made me laugh and cry in alternate measures.

Thanks to I’ve just noticed that Iris Print has put sample chapters of ‘s “A Strong & Sudden Thaw” up on the website.

Go Read. NOW. You won’t regret it, and if you do, you can come back here and berate me.

Am watching “Hornblower” It’s the Slashy episode with a dying Archie. *melts* I want to go and sit on the couch, but La Lili La Pinke has decided that sitting on the computer desk is the new place to be next to mummy and so I can’t leave her. *is so pussy-whipped*

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