Been a bit AWOL, sorry. RL has gone Kablooie.

Anyway, been editing the galley for Standish and just for future reference, just coz it’s in typesetting form, don’t assume that old errors haven’t been spotted, or that new errors have crept in by accident. What worries me is that I’m the suckiest of proof readers and for every one typo i spot, there are 10 I didn’t.

However, I am heartened by the fact that when you read a book, and find a mistake, you don’t blame the author. So don’t blame me. All right?

I have to say that yes, it has errors that can’t be fixed this late in the day. But I wrote it 3 years ago without knowing the first thing about punctuation or grammar or the craft of writing, so I’m going to excuse myself for the things I would like to change now, and can’t.

I should get it done today, if lucky, tommorrow for sure then it’s off to the printer with it. It won’t make the stores by my Birthday, but near enough to make me happy.

Why is my flist not bursting with Torchwood? Come on you guys – you MUST have loved it!! Point me to your reviews?!!!!!

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