Happy Birthday TO ME! I got a wonderful and HUGE parcel from which cost a FORTUNE to post with a copy of her book in it.

And she dedicated it to me!!! *bursts into happy tears* And yes yes yes that’s my real name, want to make something of it?

If you want to make an Erastes happy today (because it is, after all, “Love Underlucius Coz I’s Unloved Selebration Day” or LUCIUS Day for short. What. What?) then drabble me! Give me excerpts of your hottest stories, give me pricks, give me hot lovin’ Snucius give me fandom or original or anything (except het or Snarry) but give me PORN, baby!

Alternatively, link me to some nice boy snoggage/fuckage pictures/art. :)

Or something. Make an Erastes happy today, you KNOW it makes sense.

*grins horribly*

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