lj cuts – torchwood

i wish more people would learn what an lj cut is. Really. and yes, published authors I’m looking at you.

Torchwood was bloody wonderful again, and I’m most pleased about that – the script continues to be brilliant and Captain Jack is masterful and enigmatic as ever and that’s how it should be.

But really. Welsh bimbo? What has she got that would attract Jack as he seems to be attracted? She’s not brave and vital like Rose. She’s not a deep and endless soul like the Doctor. She’s a panicky, DENSE woman who has two expressions, squinty eyed sadness or boggly eyed panic. Kill her please. I was hoping that the alien tech they had this week would lead to her learning she had to die soon, but it seems not. Jack is doing MASTERFULLY as being the Doctor figure in a series that isn’t Doctor Who and there is a great supporting cast, but the Welsh bimbo (and i’ve watched three epis and I can’t remember her name….. Blodwyn??? ) leaves me cold and annoyed. She has nothing to attract Jack. Rose had compassion and bravery and recklessness – this Blodwyn has none of them.

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