Phew. Silence. Peace

I’ve been at home today. I got to work and my mother (who has been ignoring me for 2 weeks, on one of her normal moods) phoned and said that she had to go into hospital and would I look after the dogs. Of course I said yes, (because I’m a nice person and won’t take umbrage that she’s treated me like shit for months).

But oMG what a day. Aslan was no problem at all – he knows about cats, he knows Lili and she was really pleased to see him.  The Snucius had legged it up stairs and I thought… “well that’s probably best, I’ll keep them up there, out of the way.” D4 thought Lili was hilarious and spent an hour rushing around her barking and growling, but Lili, being completely used to dogs just sat there and ignored him completely. So cool.

After an hour or so (typical, they are scared of nothing) the Snucius sauntered downstairs, (I could almost imagine their languid discussion about tactics) and we had a very tense half hour while I taught D4 that agressive behaviour to cats was Not Allowed.  The Snucius were wonderful, after they realised that D4 was not allowed to attack them they were positively SMUG and lay around on the floor with practised casualness like a couple of lions.  It did D4 a lot of good as he suddenly realised that he wasn’t the King of the World like he thought he was. Suddenly he was outnumbered, and he spent his time hiding behind me. He will be a LOT more respectful of cats in future, I’ll warrant.

In other non-furry news – has anyone seen the trailer for The 300?  *dies of the lust*  It looks incredible, however I don’t think there is any historical accuracy as to the relationships within the 300… (sadly) but I don’t know. After last night’s film, I’m beginning to think that gay is the new black. *hopes*

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