Robin Hood 3 Spork.

Not my day today… got a form rejection from Miss Snark of all people. gah! (I didn’t query her for a book, just asked her a question regarding niche markets)

Doggies have gone home thank frell. It’s like grandchildren, nice to have but oh so nice when they’ve gone home.

OMG!!! Jason Isaacs in  The State Within coming soon!!! Why have I not heard about this???? 

And dear oh dear Sharon Gless looks and sounds like a Female Impersonator.

Robin Hood No 3

 Scene 1. A little UST from Much and Robin. 

Script is still appalling: 

Tax collector: “Two things are certain in life: Death and Taxes.” 

Robin: “Something is rotten” (in the state of Nottingham, we assume)

 Robin’s wearing his Hoodie again. In Lincoln Green, I’m assuming, which wasn’t even actually green according to my History Geeks.

Yay! Robin’s killed the man with the silly goatee.  We all know he didn’t though as Robin is going to go through this whole series not actually killing anyone.

“Exciting” chase through woods. All we need is a couple of ewoks on landspeeders.

Nottingham Town walls are obviously cardboard.  Why is there a black man in the Sherrif’s Council??  And why is he wearing a beret in the style of the Guardian Angels? Why???

Gisbourne looking so cute in black leather as usual.  Is Nottingham allowed to wear ermine?  The soldiers with canary feathers in their helmets are to DIE for. Where the frell did they get yellow feathers from, pray?

Marion, still with ten layers of slap on, takes part in the political discussion. Yeah, right.

Awwww – the Sherrif wants to be the King of Hearts.

Am mildly concerned that a few pepole are pronouncing “Robin Hood” in the American manner, with the stress on the Rob rather than Hood.

Classic.  The outlaws all hear dogs barking, but it takes some scruffy outlaw (still can’t tell them apart) to run in, get everyone’s attention and says “Sherrif’s men are coming with dogs…”  *headdesk*

Vaguely disturbing scene between Miller’s young son and Sherrif which ends rather badly…

The arrow sound effects and endless descriptions of where we are in the country are driving me bonkers.

Another Robin/Sherrif bedroom scene. Sherrif in same black silk PJ’s. He also has some natty appliqued pillow cases.  The Sherrif mentions “pillow talk”  could we say BLATENT, people?

OMG. Robin gives the Sherrif a little piece of what looks like wood, hexagonal by the looks of it, on a string and says “anyone wearing one of these is with me”  It’s a dogtag.  OMG. My history geeks will go throgh the roof. Robin Hood invented dog tags.

Robin hides in Marion’s bed.  Marion’s hair is so 2006. I don’t think they had layers in 1192.

I’ve known who the culprit is since about half an hour ago. Yawn yawn.

I don’t know much (anything) about clothes in this era but I had an idea that cotton finely woven garments couldn’t have existed.  There’s a bloke in a stripey tee-shirt!  Early pirate look? *boggles*

Much admits (again) to Robin that he loves him.  Awww. The Sappiness!

This is too much.  Too much.

Lacey: “I shot the Sherrif”

Sherrif: “No, you shot the deputy.”


Torchwood tommorrow!!  SQUEE!!!!!!!!!!

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