Just gets better and better and better. And considering that it was pretty bloody good from episode one, that’s saying something. Cutting for spoilery stuff.

This week’s episode, which I only managed to catch tonight was definitely one of the best so far. Ignore the fact that there was no GBLT stuff – there was some very hot sexual moments (which led to one of the most tender moments so far which actually made me cry)

There’s been a humungous amount of bi-sexuality to make my little Bi heart sing in happiness, Let me see…

One full on female snog (watched by others, which added to the frisson)

Two male snogs

Various poignant ties between Jack and the Doctor – they play (very subtly) some of the theme from the main DW series at those moments – very clever stuff.

Jack/Ianto OTP. There was a lovely moment this week when they were talking about last kisses (forgive me if i’m wrong but I missed the first three minutes and I assume they were talking about last kisses) and Ianto said he’d kissed his (Cyberwoman) girlfriend last, and not Jack (which was the actual truth – Jack kissed him because he was nearest and they all thought they were just about to die) and Jack gave him a look that hurt.

There’s a rather nice Jack/Ianto arc coming along, it would be nice if there were to continue with it, but personally, I think that Ianto is too human, too vulnerable and too young for Jack – I think Jack will realise it and then I will cry buckets. Out of the five of them, Ianto just isn’t able to cope with what’s happening around him. He’s not a scientist, or a warrior or a tekkie. He’s just a computer operator and a valet and a facilitator. I’ll be interested to see what his mental state is next week after what he went through this week. In fact, as much as I liked the ending, I was bitterly dissapointed that the ending didn’t focus on Ianto. He needed physical and mental comfort, as much as Blodwen did. More, if anything. She’s a ruddy policewoman, he’s not.

*huggles the Ianto*

I’m also quite impressed by Owen. He’s not at all my type but OMG! I’ve gone to bed with a few Owens because of them doing what Owen did to Blodwen. Irresistible!

Random Torchwood facts.

Russell T Davies was a writer on Queer as Folk.

John Barrowman was rejected for the part as Will in Will & Grace for appearing too straight. *giggles*

I think there’s more female snoggage next week.

And I see the Americans are going to remake Little Britain and Life on Mars. That’s so WRONG.

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