So I hear that Lucius Jason Isaacs has been reading fanfic. It’s a long and hollow hope but I’d love if he’d read some of mine. I hope I gave him good instruction on what to do with brandy and ice cubes.

Also I see that he IS wearing leather in OotP. It was hard to tell in the trailer. But *wibbles* Leather robes? Horribly hot. Rather chafing and terribly impractical for a huge battle in a dungeon but methinks that the Director knows EXACTLY what demographic fan base Mr Isaacs appeals to. And it certainly isn’t Da Kiddies.

I am assuming that the Ministry Battle will be altered – and I hope it is. Having a bunch of Scoobies beat a bunch of adults is all very well on the page, using Jelly Legs curses against murdering savages like Walden – but on screen it would just be converted into slapstick, and if there’s one thing that the Battle at the Ministry should be it’s not funny. It has light moments, such as the brain part, but a lot of it is just unbelievable. I hope that the director gets the OotP involved very early on, to be honest. In fact that’s probably about the worst part of the book, for me. It’s very muddly and a good example of how not to write a complicated fight scene. I’m not even going to go into how POINTLESS the entire prophecy plot was.

Torchwood was a mite dissapointing. Still a good episode, but I didn’t enjoy it as much – probably because it was lacking in the Jackness. Or the Ianto-ness but there was a lovely moment when Ianto was just so vulnerable I wanted to squeeze him. But next week’s looks like it ROCKS.

Junction X is moving along. There is angst (at last) some very unsuitable drooling and there will be a lot of guilt for quite a while. heh heh. I love torturing my characters. Who needs whips when you can use much more vicious tools?

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