*blinks* Why haven’t I seen this film before?

I’m watching Jesus Christ Superstar, and am rather enjoying it, as it’s lovely and slashy.  Weird, I’ll admit, but an interesting snapsnot on the time – 1973.  I wonder if they would cast Judas as black if they remade it.  It’s weird – I know all the words to all the songs, because we all had the album in 1973, but I’d never just seen the film, or the stageplay.

First there was definite slashiness with Jesus and all his very handsome disciples, then there was Ciaphias and all the other priests marching around in BDSM outfits (all bare chests, bondage straps and leather hats,) and so I went to find some screenshots.

Hmm – that’s not slashy at ALL.

Nothing to see here.

No subtext at all.

More like.  Text.

I’m worryingly turned on by Ciaphias….

Although Dad and I aren’t doing the whole Christmas thing this year, I am cooking a roast dinner for him tommororw.  I’ve told him in no uncertain terms that we are not going to ignore Christmas in the future, just becasue of what’s happened.  My mother ADORED Christmas, and always did the whole hog, cards, decorations, enough food to feed an army, not just three people.  Our tree decorating was a very special moment and we always had the “oh i rmemeber this one” as we unpacked the decorations each year.  I would buy a Christmas decoration from wherever I was in the world, or people would send them to us from other countries and they are such sweet little memories.  Next year we are doing that.  for sure.

We went and booked the plot for her today, it’s in this lovely woodland burial place, which is what she wanted, despite being a lapsed Catholic. She’s going to buried almost exactly where the camera is in the fourth picture down, and the wood behind the shelter is filled with bluebells.  The place is alive with birds, bird feeders and bird boxes everywhere.  She wanted to go there, but because of the speed of the disease, we didn’t get a chance to take her there to show her it, but I know she would have approved.

Ok. Going to get very very drunk now.

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