Happy New Year everyone.

I mean that. This has been a crap week and it’s going to be uphill from now on, but I wish each and every one of you a very Happy New Year.

May your year be full of laughter, and children, and chocolate and slashy men. May you read great fanfic. May you not find Potter Book 7 to be a dissapointment. May you write great fic and if you are thinking about taking the plunge from fanfic to original fic, may you do it, and have fun doing it. If you are staying in fandom, then have fun with that too. Don’t perpetuate the wank, don’t join wanky comms, don’t take pleasure in other’s pain. Don’t participate in hate memes. The original writing world can be just as wanky, so have fun where you are!!

For my original ficcing friends I wish that 2007 brings you concentration, and focus. I wish that your submissions rise straight to the top of the pile and that publishers and editors are impressed with everything you write. I hope that 2007 brings you novel publication.

For the publishing world: I hope that the diehards of publishing wake up and smell the slash. I note that Romantic Times recently did a small review of Elizabeth Bear’s Carnival, so perhaps slash is reviewable only if it’s by someone well known? I want distributors and bookshops to put the stuff on the top floor, and if At Swim Two Boys or “The Butt Book” is a bloody best seller then put it on the best sellers shelf! Why is het erotica acceptable and gay erotica not? Especially in places where it’s “allowed” like the UK? Do you know the two best sellers at A Different Light Bookstore in LA? The Gay Regency novels of ML Pearson, that’s what! Who says that gay men don’t like romance? Not me, matey. Not me.

For myself? I want ten sales. It’s a nice round number and it will involve a LOT of work. I want to sell Transgressions and it would be great to finish and sell Junction X too. I want to make a big dent in the next project which will (probably, unless I’m hit by A Gay Space Bunny or something) be The Further Adventures of Fleury. I’ve actually written a page, but I made myself stop. If I write two novels thats two novels that will take twice as long to finish.

And I really want THIS.

Thank you everyone for a wonderful year, I started LJ as a piece of fun, because I’d written fanfic and I heard I could post my stories on here, but it’s grown so much that I’ve made people that, although I haven’t met them, I count as real life friends.

Here’s to 2007.


© Copyright 2006 Erastes, All rights Reserved. Written For: Erastes
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