Obligatory Title Sporkage

I don’t like the title.  It’s a shame because I liked all the others.  I mean they were intriguing, and we spent ages wondering what they meant.  To use such  convoluted archaic pretentious words in the last book’s title is annoying.  OK so  found out the true meanings of Hallows, but how many kids – or even parents of the average kid has the full OED?  Little Johnny is going to ask Mummy

“What’s a Deathly Hallow mean, mummy?” and mummy is going to run for the dictionary (if she has one) like the first one to hand I have – the Compact Oxford.

“Deathly” – suggesting death.

“Hallows” not listed.

Mummy founders and says it’s probably about a dangerous Hallowe’en (which, let’s face it, is probably what it IS going to be about) which is completely erreneous as to meaning. Hallowe’en AIN’T Hallows. It’s my birfday.  Anyway, we’ll see soon enough.  But I don’t like it..  But who cares about my opinion?  JKR is already buying her next island!!

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