Standish does pretty well in the Preditors and Editors poll. Thanks to all who voted, although I have to say, I don’t know anyone else above me, really, so it’s probably a “I’m your mate, nominate me!” kind of thing? It’s nice not to come bottom, at least.

I took the plunge and joined Library Thing, and am in the process of cataloguing, it will take MONTHS, if I ever finish, so if you want to go and have a good laugh at my Catholic tastes, everything from Madame Bovary to Jill Enjoys Her Ponies to Morte D’Arthur to Spike Milligan, then feel free. I’ve only done about 100 books so far, but I’ve added some friends on the strength of it. Nice to see R W Day’s “A Strong and Sudden Thaw” on there, (seven owners) and “Standish” is also there but has a mere three. Awwww.

I have just finished reading “Remedy” by Anita Lovric and I hated it – mostly. I didn’t mind her style of writing, it was lush enough to keep me writing, and she’d obviously been to these places and researched them, lucky cow – I wish I could have gone to Venice and Rome and Paris when writing Standish. But OMG it was several hundreds of pages of…. NOTHING much.

Look, I like angst. I love angst. I write tons of the stuff, but I have my characters doing stuff while they are angsting. No matter what happens in life, life goes on, and it’s the mundane misery of that small fact that makes angsting so horrible. The plot is miniscule, but padded out with so much persiflage that it makes a book of it, literally it could have been Brokeback Mountain sized and still got its point across.

Also I think it was trying to be another “Perfume” and I don’t blame it for trying – after all, publishers and editors will snap up what’s already popular, if one story is, they reckon, the pale imitation will be too.

However I struggled on to the end, even though I was screaming at the book five chapters from the end to fucking GET ON WITH IT and stop repeating the angst over and over and over and over. It tried to be clever too; perhaps it was years of reading and approving (or not) stories over at hp_literotica, but I recognise the “I’m being clever” signs. Each chapter was prefaced by a patent nostrum recipe which fitted in with the title and the hero’s occupation, but I completely – COMPLETELY – failed to see the relevance of either the title or the nostrums by the end. Seemed to me that the only Remedy the heroine needed at the end (I bet you’ll never guess) was the redeeming power of LURVE. It just struck me as being far too romance, when the book had been shouting “I’M LITERATCHOOR PLZ TAKE ME SERIOUS!” all the way through. It was like the blond actress who leaves the Soap to do Theatre and ends up trying to make a pop single instead.

Also, far far too much telling. Just endless endless pages of descriptive text and I nearly died of happiness when I got a tiny conversation. And as for the POVS? 1) (heroine) First person, Past Tense. 2) (hero) Third Person Present Tense 2) (hero’s ward) First person (diary) Present tense. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</>

I’ve finally started my “Superqueeroes” story, and it’s going pretty well, 600 words. There will be the removal of sparkly green lycra, and there will be hurt/comfort. That’s all I’m sayin’.

And we’ve been promised SNOW. Today. We was PROMISED. So where the bloody hell is it? Hmmmm??? *tantrum*

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