KWESTIONS! (because omg – so bored…)

I was talking to <lj user=”gehayi”> the other day about Library thing and how I love every single book I own and couldn’t consider parting with any of them, even though they threaten to overtake the house at times, when i suddenly said “Except for Benvenuto Cellini’s autobiography, that is – I’ve never been able to read past chapter 2 without falling asleep”

And amazingly she’d tried to read it too – and had the same reaction – exactly!

I said “It’s better than any sleeping pill” and she had to agree. It’s bloody ironic, though. He allegedly had this major exciting life, swords, duels bisexuality and I’m going – “blah blah who cares”… Perhaps it gets better after chapter 2….

So – what’s the most boring book you either own, or have ever read?

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