Cinema Night – Casino Royale

Yes, it’s been out a while, but it’s still on, and there was bugger all on that either of us wanted to see at the right time, so although neither of us had been to see a Bond film at the cinema before we decided to go see.

Well the short story is that I liked it, it was – as described – nicely different from any Bond film we’d seen before, no hangers or moutains about to explode or ray guns set to blow up the moon or whatever.  No-one tried silly long winded ways to kill James, no piranha pits or laser beams, which made me happy.

And I adored the opening credits.  Just Ad-dored.  Very very clever and at bloody last no stereotypically naked wimmin.

And OMG Craig does it for me.  His smile is utterly irresistible and for once we have a non-hairy Bond which made me happier still.  He’s SO bloody buff, what a body. WHAT A BODY.  He’s certainly got my vote.  There was enough in jokes to keep the inner Bond fan amused and I spotted Vesper from just about when she sat down, the bitch.

Excellent, but not over the top gadgets, near death moments that had me actually worried (although that WAS a bit stupid of me, I realise…) and wonderful chase scenes too.  I remember watching a “making of” programme a while back when they actually blew up that plane  – a real plane!!! And then they changed their mind!!  That’s class, that is.

And am I so very very wrong to be writing in the slash during the NAKED BALL BASHING???  Bond: “They’ll say that you died while scratching my balls”

I thought it was about half an hour too long, though, which I’ve noticed is often a gripe of mine. If it had been action or plot I wouldn’t have cared, probably, but there was far too long on the Le Mushy Stuff would could easily have been cut.

But YAY!  I shall certainly be going to Bond again as long as the Divine Mr Craig is up for it.

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