Well, that’s handy! Gay Love letters

I’ve just downloaded the newest version of Semagic.

These are the improvements:


· Fixed image upload when HTMLTidy is enabled.
· Links with thumbnails for LJ Scrapbook.
· Music detection with Media Player Classic.
· Compatibility with Wine.
· Image upload to fotki.com (no registration)

No more gobbledegook after x bottles then.  *pats new version*  I have NO idea what all the other improvements mean however. But who cares!  Compatibility with Wine!

I bought a book yesterday “My Dear Boy” – Gay Love Letters through the centuries. And it’s just to die for.  As  said to me today (she has a copy too) she wishes that gay detractors would read it and realise that Love is Love, no matter what.  There are letters from Marcus Aurelius, Henry James, medieval priests, Michaelangelo, Tchaikovsky,  Lord Byron, Whitman.  To name a few.

The most intriguing for me were the mysterious letters from T E Lawrence to “Sir” which refer to Ted in the third person and are very obviously a way of telling Sir how to treat “naughty Ted” on their next encounter.  NAUGHTY LAWRENCE!  *G*

My favourites, (so far, I’ve only been dipping in and out if you will excuse the pun) are between two “unknowns” Ralph Hall (that’s him with the donkey cock on the cover) and Montague Glover who were “wartime sweethearts” and wrote to each other in the same way that other sweethearts did.  They letters are so very earnest, unliterary to the nth degree (as opposed to Byron and Hervey and the like)   Don’t you wish I was there with you now darling.  I feeling so strong tonight my sweet. I would love you all night darling.  I am in the guardroom tongiht waiting to do my 4th guard my dear and I can see you all at home around the table for Xmas and I know you will miss me darling.  This is a XMASxxxxxxGIFT from your one and only darling.  You don’t know how much I miss you Monty.  I love you darling so think good of me my sweetheart.

The lovely thing about these two’s story is that they lived together for 30 years after the war until one of them died.  Just. *sniff*

Anyway, highly recommended – for anyone who is interested in original gay fiction, how men’s minds work, epistolary fiction or just a lovely read.


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