Game Burble

I can’t tell you how pleased I am that Tomb Raider (the original game) is being revamped and re-issued. I for one CANNOT wait to play it. It was the first platform/adventure game I ever played and there are seminal moments in it that will never be equalled. The first moment I stepped forward into the black tomb in the first level changed my gaming life for ever. I was terrified almost constantly from the first wolf and the first poisoned arrow – the music alone was enough to give me a heart attack. What I find interesting (having read an article recently by a gamer in my magazine) is that I wasn’t alone by walking through the adventure (once I realised that even the floor wasn’t safe) and considering each next section very carefully.

I will never EVER forget when the T-Rex appeared from the undergrowth, just when I thought I’d killed all the little dinos. I literally SCREAMED the place down, and rushed, Rincewind-like for a bolt-hole in the rock which I’d scoped out as a refuge earlier (I’m a very defensive gamer, which is why I’m good at stealth). From said ledge I had all the time in the world to kill the T-Rex, possibly the only person who took it down without any damage using only my itty bitty pistols. “Make ME wet my pants, will you? Take that, Scaley!!” I also remember wanting to look around corners, and that particular refinement didn’t come for many years.

What’s best though is that the maps and levels are the same, except now completely beautiful, and the funny thing is that when I saw the new screenshots I thought to myself “Looks just the same to me,” which just goes to show how the mind can play tricks.

Sadly, I don’t have a copy of the original game, as I gave it to a friend so I’ll have to head over to ebay and get another one… *runs *

I’m also looking forward to the CSI game….


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