Film Night – The Number 23

You Are Corona

You don’t drink for the love of beer. You drink to get drunk.
You prefer a very light, very smooth beer. A beer that’s hardly a beer at all.
And while you might not like the taste of beer, you like the feeling of being drunk.
You drink early and often. Sometimes with friends. Sometimes alone. All the party needs is you!

This is scarily accurate. However – I do like the taste of beer, and Corona/Sol (with lime) is my favourite tipple. I wish it was stronger, though…. *G*

This was ‘s choice and it involved a hefty compromise as she wanted to go and see Charlotte’s Web as a first choice, Because I said So as a close second or Dream Girls. We each have the power to Veto (she’s already veto-ed Sean Bean’s Outlaw in advance) and so I put my foot down and pointed out to her that she was a Jim Carrey fan.

It was pretty good actually, it started slowly, and I began to worry it was going to be one of those films which rambles interminably but it soon picked up and seemed to be going in an interesting and fairly predictable direction and then it all started to spiral out of control and got even more interesting. There’s absolutely nothing I can say without spoiling the plot, but I can say it’s rather fascinating that it’s about the power of words and the way a book can really get into your head. The number 23 is a pretty well-known conspiracy, I understand, even though I’d never heard of it before, and although by the end of the film I was convinced that it MUST be everywhere in life, I spectacularly failed to spot any references to it on the 23 mile drive home.

Only kidding. It’s only 17 miles….

And since when did football become more important than Life On Mars? Hmmm???

ETA: Oh – and if you do see the film, you’ll be amused to see an elderly Severus and Lucius who run a seedy hotel together. Truly.

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