restrain me.

Just spotted this on ‘s LJ – Converaspedia – Please tell me it’s a spoof?

Conservapedia is an online resource and meeting place where we favor Christianity and America. Conservapedia has easy-to-use indexes to facilitate review of topics. You will much prefer using Conservapedia compared to Wikipedia if you want concise answers free of “political correctness”.

Yes, because only Christian Americans use the internet.

  England: A nation in northwest Europe. Largely secular, but increased immigration from Eastern Europe is turning the country towards Catholicism. Notable for inventing the English language.

Well, I’m glad we did something.  Even if it wasn’t actually that.   Oh I’m SO going to have to join and write me some articles, boy. Yee hah.

And this is… so WRONG…

ETA;  I’m convinced it’s a spoof now, as there is not create account function. 

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