300 – GIP – non rant

Well – WOW.

I have only one thing to say.


Just brilliant.  Fabulously stylised mayhem. I’m quite in love with Leonidas, plus the beautiful son.  Xerxes was incredible, and the fight scenes just amazing.  I can’t wait for the DVD.  And SO MANY LOVELY ABS.

But of course, I only watched it for historical interest. *cough*

But there were funny moments that hit me hard from time to time.  When Leonidas started to climb the mountain to get to the priests I whispered to Kerry “Contender, you will start on my first whistle”

The Oliphaunts were just too LOTR!  I read on a historians site that there were no elephants, but hey, who cares. There were ABS!  It also reminded me of the battle scene on Hoth.  OMG I’m such a bloody geek.

I wasn’t sure what the Elephant man was doing there, either.  And when did Faramir get hot?

And GIP. just because.  I’m quite sure I have enough Geeks on my list to get this.  Thank you to Henri who gave me the idea.

Finally – I was going to have a damned good rant about a post on Romancing the Blog about how people can’t read Romance books with adultery in them, but  has done it far far better than I could ever do. I’d just end up getting cross. 

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