Big News!

I’ve been sitting on this for a couple of weeks because I wasn’t sure if it was going to be official or not, but I’ve had the word that it is so I can announce it here and in other places.

I’ve taken over as the Director of The Erotic Authors Association!

From the website: The Erotic Authors Association is an organization for writers of erotic literature and erotica that was founded in 2000. It also includes professionals and organizations that work with erotic writings or erotic authors.

If you aren’t a member, please join (see the website for details). If you are a member, bear with me for a while as I get my sea legs as it were, I’m new at this, and will need to ease in gradually. If there’s something needs doing, email me and I will get it done.

I’d like to thank Dusk Petersen for the work she’s done on the site while she’s been Director, particularly its cool new look which I won’t be playing around with, as I love the unfussy simple look she’s created.

What I’m planning to do, though is to change the name of _literotica_ to something like the EAA or whatever (more on that later) so there’s a Livejournal presence for the site. I’m a great fan of LJ – and although there is a Blogspot, and a myspace Blog and a googlegroup, they are ably run by other members of the EAA.

I welcome any suggestions for amendments improvements changes that members would like to see, and over the weekend, I’ll post a page on the site with a “Hello from the DIRECTOR” saying hi and doing a David Brent “My Door is always open….

*gigglesnort* Now.. where did I put my bullwhip?

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