You may have already realised that I’m a hopeless bookworm. When I’m not glued to the computer, I’m reading. I have a week off starting in 2 and a half hours and I have the following books to read: (happily overdosing on the gay)

The Charioteer – Mary Renault
Firelands – Michael Jensen
Frontiers – Michael Jensen
Master of Seacliffe – Max Pierce (this has the cutest cover ever- it’s very dark and green, and has a Sims person on it but he can hardly be made out,but it had a hole punched through the front cover to a candle – it really appeals to the kid in me.)
a Dangerous Man- Anne Brooke
something complicated by Iain M Banks that I won’t understand. (not gay)

I’ve been trying to get hold of a copy of Gaywyck and Vadriel Vail for many months now – the cheapest copy on is £23!!!! (cheaper than it was, as a copy was on there recently for £150) and I rather resent having to pay rip-off prices for a second hand book if the author isn’t getting the royalties.

(Vincent Virga for those of you who may not of heard of him, is the Granddaddy of the Gay Regency, possibly the inventor of it? Gaywyck was written in the 1980’s and if there was anyone writing Gay Regency before VV, I’d be interested to know about it. I discovered him in 2003, shortly before I’d finished Standish, and was stunned (and very happy) to learn that there was more gay regency out there. I was stupid though, because his books were still available back then – if I’d known they were going to be gold dust I’d have bought a load of them. I didn’t buy one because I didn’t want to be influenced for Standish – just reading the blurb made me realise that the themes were similar – although Master/Tutor is an acceptable Regency theme.)

Anyway – if anyone has any of his books that they want to sell, or knows where I can get one for a reasonable sum, please let me know!

I feel as rough as old guts right now, had a very stressful mornng in Norwich with my Dad who’s Alzheimers has got to the stage where he can’t remember where he left things like me (outside a pub with a fit of the vapours) and the car. So I’m going to coast through to end of play today and then enjoy my holiday.

I am fairly sure there’s an important deadline tomorrow on an anthology or two, so I’d better bloody write something. arugh! * Runs to Erotica Readers to check deadlines…..*

Why isn’t there a books category?

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