So I’ve started Eragon…

I’m just not really getting anything from Eragon himself. I suppose it’s indicative of the author’s age when he wrote it (and may I say that Cassie Clare makes him look like a frigging Shakespeare) but I’m not getting under Eragon’s skin. So much so that I’m not scared when I should be, emotional when I should be etc etc. I just can’t see the way the boy ticks. The other characters are a lot more interesting. If the dragon trod on him in the next chapter I wouldn’t particularly care. Contrast this with that fact that GRRM got me intimately and desperately worried about Ser Waymar Royce in the PROLOGUE of Game of Thrones. Four books later and I’m STILL worried.

But yes Eragon … derivative or what? I’m saying nothing new, I’m sure (being a very late comer to contemporarily written fantasies etc) Boy finds something that everything wants, which puts him in Immense Danger.

These leads to be him being off away from home when his Uncle’s home is destroyed and Uncle is killed.

Boy sets off on Quest. Older, Wiser Mentor comes along too. These are not the dragons you are looking for. You can go about your business

OWM gives Boy a light sabre a sword which once belonged to Tywin Lannister Darth Vader which is tinged with red and which the boy must learn to use.

The Boy discovers forces within himself! He can even affect the thoughts of others!

The Boy finds out that everything has a name, and that to discover the name for that thing is to control that thing…. hmm….

There is foreshadowing about the Boy’s parentage and OWM mentions being tutored by someone very talented. You know, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the Big Bad Emperor (Obelix?) turns out to be OWM’s best friend or brother and that Boy is Obelix’s son. But surely not?

But writing wise not awful. In fact reading after CC’s City of Bones Chapter One it is almost pleasant. At least CP can write without referring to Eragon as the dark-eyed boy every two sentences.

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